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 ====== Founder ====== ====== Founder ======
-Anna Grusková is a Czecho-Slovak film, theatre ​and radio author ​and director. She graduated in Theatre ​and Film Studies at Charles University in Prague, Czech Republic ​and got a practical course ​in filming at the Film Faculty ​of the Academy of Music Arts in Bratislava ​in Bratislava. She got her PhD. degree in the Viennese Modernism. She led a range of domestic and international ​artistic ​projects (America, Brides, Sarcophagi and ATMs, The Theatrical World 18391939 and many others), and participated in others as an author (Donaudrama ​in Vienna, Chance '​89 ​in Prague). Her drama Rabbi Woman was staged at the Slovak National ​TheatreAs a filmmaker, she directed documentary films Rabbi Woman (2012, K2 Production ​and Slovak Television)Return to a Burning House (2014, Anzio and The Museum ​of the Slovak National Uprising) about WWII heroines Gisi Fleischmann and Haviva Reick, Professional Foreigner (2016, in co-operation with the Slovak TV). In 2015 she founded in Bratislava, where she lives, her production company Reminiscencie (Reminiscences)+Anna Grusková is a Czech-Slovak film, theater ​and radio authordirector, producer and curator. She graduated in Theater ​and Film Studies at Charles University in Prague and in distanced learning in the Film and TV Faculty ​at VŠMU in Bratislava. She has led a number ​of domestic and international ​art projects (America, Brides, Sarcophagi and ATMs, Theatrical World 1839 1939), and participated in other than the author (Donaudrama,​ Chance '89). Her drama Rabbika ​was staged at the Slovak National ​Theater in 2012Her company Reminiscencie focuses on the production ​and implementation of art projects that map the timespace and memory ​of Central Europe
 [[https://​www.facebook.com/​anna.gruskova|Personal Facebook Account]] [[https://​www.facebook.com/​anna.gruskova|Personal Facebook Account]]