Civic association Reminiscencie, founded in 2015, focuses on artistic and social projects that research time, space and memory of Central Europe. Located in Bratislava, Slovakia, on the crossroad of cultures, it examines history from contemporary point of view and inhabits Central European space with less known and unknown heroes and heroines.


Anna Grusková is a Czech-Slovak film, theater and radio author, director, producer and curator. She graduated in Theater and Film Studies at Charles University in Prague and in distanced learning in the Film and TV Faculty at VŠMU in Bratislava. She has led a number of domestic and international art projects (America, Brides, Sarcophagi and ATMs, Theatrical World 1839 - 1939), and participated in other than the author (Donaudrama, Chance '89). Her drama Rabbika was staged at the Slovak National Theater in 2012. Her company Reminiscencie focuses on the production and implementation of art projects that map the time, space and memory of Central Europe.

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